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Request for Funds Update


Due to the enormous amount of need for help with funding wheelchair accessible transportation, The MobilityWorks Foundation is no longer accepting any additional requests until we have had a chance to respond to those that have already been received.

We hope to re-initiate our fund request process in the coming months ahead and sincerely apologize to those who are truly in need.

Thank you.

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Cincinnati MobilityWorks General Manager Jeff Witt assists with wheelchair vans

Juliana Ramos was involved in a car accident resulting in a traumatic brain injury. The accident occurred in October of 2009, just two months before she and her fiancée were to be married. Juliana needs a lot of physical therapy and up until now it has been very difficult transporting her and her wheelchair to therapy. The MobilityWorks Foundation and BraunAbility teamed up to provide them with a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan equipped with an automated fold-out ramp. This enables her mother and primary caregiver Janet Barnes to wheel Juliana right into the van.

Janet Barnes has since written a book about her first year's experience with caring for Juliana titled "For Juliana".

For Juliana

For Juliana: Almost to the Almost, One penny at a time can be found on

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